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Plenty of heartbreak on Thirdstory’s new album

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The cover of Thirdstory's first album Cold Heart

Heartbreak is a frequent companion for Thirdstory. It’s hard to maintain a romance when you’re constantly on the road.

Ben Lusher thinks that is the reason nearly all of their songs are about failed relationships.

“When we sit down to write, it’s the one thing we can agree on collaboratively,” the Bermudian singer said.

“A musician’s life is always changing and can be unpredictable.”

Thirdstory’s debut album, Cold Heart, is out next Friday.

It includes Still In Love, a collaboration with rising star Eryn Allen Kane that earned praise from Billboard Online after the video was released last month.

“So far, the response to Still in Love has been great,” said the 25-year-old whose Thirdstory partners are American musicians Elliott Skinner and Richard Saunders.

The trio have been working on an album since they formed their band in 2014.

“I think we gave our fans exactly what they wanted to hear, songs written from the heart,” Mr Lusher said.

“I think that the writing process and production process ended up being a very difficult obstacle to surmount. It was a lot of work.”

They were close to finishing last year when Grammy winner Chance the Rapper invited them to join his Be Encouraged tour.

“We had a very difficult decision to make then,” said Mr Lusher.

“Our fans were clamouring for an album and we were just about to release it.”

Initially planned for three months, the US tour soon stretched to seven, with concerts scheduled in Britain.

They were also invited along in September, when the rapper performed on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

It wasn’t until the tour ended in October that Thirdstory was able to get on with launching their album.

“I don’t regret putting the album on hold,” said Mr Lusher.

“The exposure we gained was invaluable. I think, in general, it helps people to take notice. In the music industry, a cosign from a successful, respectable artist like Chance is very powerful. It tells people we are worth listening to.”

Thirdstory starts a six-week tour of the US and Canada, on March 26. They performed here two years ago, as part of the Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts.

“We would love to come back and perform there again sometime,” said Mr Lusher.

“It was really exciting to bring the guys down in 2016. I really loved showing them Bermuda.”

See www.wearethirdstory.com Watch the band’s video, Still in Love on royalgazette.com

Chance the Rapper front left, performing on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert with Thirdstory and other musicians
Eryn Allen Kane and Elliott Skinner of Thirdstory performing Still in Love
Richard Saunders, Ben Lusher and Elliott Skinner of Thirdstory
Ben Lusher, Richard Saunders and Elliott Skinner of Thirdstory
Thirdstory's Elliott Skinner, Richard Saunders and Ben Lusher (Photograph supplied)
Thirdstory's Elliott Skinner, Richard Saunders and Ben Lusher (Photograph supplied)