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Lensman shows life’s living colours

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Pink Beach: Gray Malin is in the frame with this image taken at Coral Beach & Tennis Club (Photograph supplied)

Fine art photographer Gray Malin has had his name on The New York Times’ bestseller list and yesterday released his latest collection, a series of scenes celebrating “the lux, yet laid-back atmosphere” of iconic Bermuda.

Coral Beach & Tennis Club and The Mid Ocean Club are among the locations featured in his shots. The artist is hoping to hold an exhibit of Gray Malin Bermuda, here soon.

Q: Why Bermuda?

A: My parents have very close friends who are Bermudian, who I grew up knowing as well as being close friends with their children. Through this relationship, I have had the opportunity to visit Bermuda. I’ve been able to see it from the perspective of a local and experience its lifestyle and rich history. Bermuda has a unique blend of cultural influences, which I’ve always found very charming. My goal was to create a collection that reflects both the timeless elegance and inviting ambience that makes Bermuda lifestyle so special.

Q: How did you decide what/where to shoot?

A: Through the help of friends in Bermuda, I was able to gain access to both private and public spaces for the photoshoot such as Coral Beach & Tennis Club, Mid Ocean Club, The Ledgelets and Tucker’s Point.

I wanted to capture some of the most iconic locations on the island, as well as celebrate the lux, yet laid-back atmosphere. Overall, I strive for a feeling of timelessness in my work, however there are certain collections, such as Gray Malin in Bermuda, that are inspired by the idea of the “jet-set crowd”, specifically of the 1950s, on. I love indulging in the opportunity to apply my creative interpretation to a particular time.

Q: When did you photograph here?

A: I was working on this project in Bermuda in late March 2018, over eight days.

Q: Shots are available for purchase in what form?

A: The series, Gray Malin in Bermuda, can be purchased on www.graymalin.com in small, medium and large-edition prints. Every print is hand signed by myself and the two larger sizes are editioned, as well. As far as making its way into a coffee-table book or on to other Gray Malin products, such as iPhone cases, it is certainly possible down the road!

Q: Plan on exhibiting your work here?

A: There is nothing solidified yet, but I’d love to, at some point this year.

Q: How/when did you start photographing? Why aerials?

A: My first aerial concept began in 2011 on a hotel balcony with a bird’s-eye view directly down on the large swimming pool below.

It was packed with people laying on the sunbeds and splashing in the water. I took a liking to the playful perspective, eventually snapping a few images with my camera.

When I got home, I kept coming back to the images. There was just something about them! A few months later, I was in Miami for Art Basel, the annual, international art fair.

I asked a few of the hotels if I could shoot their pools from the roof. After being told no, I thought of the next best thing, a helicopter. While flying above the beaches of Miami, I began photographing the pools, but quickly discovered the amazing patterns that the people and beach umbrellas created on white sand below - it was sort of like a blank canvas and my camera was the brush. Soon after, I became determined to document all seven continents and I travelled to Kauai in Hawaii, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Australia, before continuing to Europe and Africa to capture the world’s most famous beaches from above in 2012.

Q: Where are your favourite?

A: Some of my favourite beaches to photograph from above are Cape Town, South Africa, and Byron Bay, Australia; then from the ground, Italy has captured my heart.

Q: How has having twins changed your work life?

A: The twins have put everything in perspective! I can’t wait to travel with them when they are a little older, hopefully back to Bermuda and beyond. They are eight weeks old, so we have some time!

Q: What’s on your photography/travel bucket list?

A: There is always a running list, but I’d say currently at the top, I would love to explore New Zealand, as well as travel to Morocco.

Q: The books developed how?

A: My first monograph, Beaches, was released in 2016. It documents five years of my aerial beach photography, spanning 20 cities over six continents, and was awarded the accolade of The New York Times best-seller. Escape followed in 2017, which included my more conceptual work as well as aerial photography of urban parks, ski mountains and, of course, beaches. In 2018, I released my first children’s book Be Our Guest! It utilises imagery from my series, Gray Malin at the Parker, which is also a fan favourite for decorating children’s rooms. Lastly, my third coffee table book, Italy, is completely devoted to [that] captivating country. [It] is currently available for presale and will be officially released on May 14 of this year.

Q: Age? Where from?

A: I am 32 and grew up in Dallas, Texas. I went to school in Boston at Emerson College, then moved to Los Angeles after graduation.

Visit www.graymalin.com/bermuda for more information. Prints start at $299

Bermuda colours: fine art photographer Gray Malin has spent a lot of time in Bermuda (Photograph supplied)
Capri Sunset: one of the images through the lens of Gray Malin (Photograph by Gray Malin)
The view from Mount Pleasant (Photograph supplied)
Bermuda colours: fine art photographer Gray Malin has spent a lot of time in Bermuda (Photograph supplied)