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Migrant workers told to speak up over abuse

Members of the Filipino community came out for the United Nations International Migrants Day held at City Hall. Pictured left to right Ghenie Edwards ,Louella Dela Cruz , Roland Putoy and Charlotte De Leon.

Bermuda's migrant workers were told this afternoon that they must not be scared to speak out if they are suffering workplace abuse.The Island recognised International Migrants Day in a ceremony at City Hall this afternoon.And Economy Minister Kim Wilson said it was important to recognize the “vital” role migrants play in Bermuda's economy, adding that migrants should not be scared to speak out if they were being abused in the work place.“After 12 months of employment every migrant worker is eligible for two weeks paid holiday a year, eight sick days, two months paid maternity and one month unpaid maternity leave,” she said. “There are systems in place to ensure your rights are protected.”Minister of Community Development Glenn Blakeney added: “The sad reality is despite the positive experiences many guest workers have on the Island we have heard of others who are abused.” He said that Human Rights Act protected migrant workers from discrimination.The Bermuda Industrial Union and Bermuda Public Service Union both said they wanted to help protect migrants' rights.BIU member George Scott added: “Our motto is ‘united we stand, divided we fall'. We must stand united when it comes to the rights of migrants.”