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SPCA concerned about animal show plan

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is still concerned about DNA Entertainment?s plans to bring animals to Bermuda, even though the animals are not from a circus.

The company is planning to bring the Animal Extravaganza show to Bermuda for two days in May.

The animals come from a wildlife sanctuary.

Permission has yet to be granted to DNA Entertainment, which has not decided what animals would be brought to the Island.

Last week Ray Hollis, of DNA Entertainment, said he had contacted the SPCA and reassured it that he was not bringing circus animals this time.

He also said that the education campaign launched by Hannover Veterinary Hospital and the SPCA in 2002 over the treatment of circus animals had made him more aware of the need to research the treatment of animals brought to the Island.

Mr. Hollis said he was hoping to use animals from Knock Productions based in Florida. Searches on the Internet for the group did not produce any information.

The SPCA has said it was still concerned about the treatment of the animals because it had received little information about the group bringing the animals and could not discover whether it had a good track record.

At this stage the SPCA could not endorse the planned show.

?Since the Society became aware of the proposal to bring an ?animal extravaganza? to the Island, it has repeatedly made attempts to ascertain through the Honourable Minister and the local promoter, specific details about the presentation and whether or not a permit will be granted by said Minister,? spokesman Chris Wilcox said.

?As of March 14 very little information has been provided to the SPCA by the above persons and this has precluded us from conducting our own investigations of the organisation responsible for the animals.?

The Government veterinarian has called the SPCA but was not able to provide details about the group.