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Teens fined after bust up with police

Two teenagers were fined today in Magistrates’ Court after a drunken incident in Paget.Rakhai Paul, 18, pleaded guilty to driving while impaired, violently resisting arrest and using threatening words, while Brian Batson, 19, admitted obstructing an officer during the same incident.The court heard that in the early hours of Wednesday, police noticed a bike travelling at high speed East on Front Street.The officers followed the vehicle, driven by Paul, and stopped it near Ice Queen. Noticing a smell of alcohol on Paul’s breath they attempted to arrest him, but he began to push at officers.Batson, who was a pillion passenger on the vehicle, tried to stop the officers from arresting Paul, allegedly telling officers: “You can’t do f*** all to me. I know my rights.”Officers used Captor spray on both men and arrested them. Paul was given a breath test, which showed he had 158ml of alcohol in 100mg of blood, nearly double the legal limit of 80ml.He than allegedly told one officer: “Remember you have got a life outside the blue uniform. At the end of the day we all bleed the same. Consequences mean nothing to me.”Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner fined Paul a total of $1,900 for the offences, banning him from driving all vehicles for one year.Batson meanwhile was fined $500 for obstructing an officer.