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Rottweiler is a cover story star for Bermuda

Bermuda has been thrust into the international limelight by one of the most unlikely sources Jack and Donna Castle’s Rottweiler Tantunka vom Eschenhagen. The Castles’ champion dog has featured on the cover of ‘Total Rottweiler Magazine’ against the backdrop of Warwick Long Bay. “I thought it was a great honour to be asked to be on the cover of a magazine like ‘Total Rottweiler,” Mr Castle said. “I think it says a lot for Bermuda that we have a dog of that calibre.” Tatunka is a five-year-old male that is co-owned by Adrienne DeHaas. The dog lives in Riverside, California due to Government’s existing ban on certain breeds. Mr Castle and his wife have been working diligently with Government for the past eight years in the hopes of having the ban on Rottweilers overturned. Their plight has been somewhat of an uphill struggle that Tantunka himself has been an integral part of through his success at major overseas dog shows. “It is a plus to be able to say that Government is working with us to remove some breeds off the ban list,” Mr Castle said. “‘Total Rottweiler’ are also willing to work with Government if need be to help get the ban on Rottweilers and other breeds lifted.” On certain occasions Government has granted the Castles’ dog special permission to live here while preparing for working and show titles. Over the years Tatunka has compiled an impressive resume that includes national titles from America, Canada and Bermuda. Mr Castle’s world-renowned dog has also won numerous Schutzhund (obedience, tracking and protection) titles and earlier this year competed and placed a remarkable fourth in his respective class at the World Dog Show in Paris, France. “It is a plus to have a dog with the titles that Tatunka has,” Mr Castle said. “We are very proud about everything we have done to get him to this point.” In recent years Tatunka has had a profound impact on the negative stereotype of Rottweilers in Bermuda. Mr Castle says it is “unfair” that various local dog clubs and people like himself who showcase their animals on the world stage have to suffer for the actions of those who blatantly disregard the dog regulations currently in place locally. “I honestly believe that if we as a Country don’t start educating people on the types of different breeds that we have then we are never going to get anywhere,” he said. “People have to understand that to own these dogs they have to abide by certain regulations. “If we don’t educate the general public on dog ownerships that are deemed as dangerous breeds then we are never going to get anywhere [near to lifting the current dog ban] and things are not going to improve. I don’t think the dog ban is fair, but unless Government are prepared to sit down and work with the different clubs and people out there doing stuff like myself internationally then nothing will improve.”

Island pride: Bermuda-owned Rottweiler Tatunka vom Eschenhagen was featured on the cover of last month?s edition of Total Rottweiler Magazine.