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Man fined $2000 for drunken brawl with police

A drunken brawl with police officers in the Hamilton Police Station cost an American contract worker $2,000 in fines this morning.Matthew Marshall, 25, pleaded guilty to two counts of assault and one count of driving while impaired in connection with an incident on Saturday.The court heard that at around 12.40am that day, officers on duty on Frog Lane saw Marshall walking with a set of keys in his hand, clearly impaired.The officers advised him to take a taxi home, but minutes later saw him riding a motorcycle away from the area in the wrong lane.He was arrested and taken to Hamilton Police Station, where he became uncooperative and began to fight with the officers.The officers Tasered Marshall to stop him and did so a second time after he took another swing at them.Today in Magistrates’ Court, Marshall apologised.He said the incident was completely out of character and he recalled very little of it.Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner fined Marshall $1,000 for each of the three charges and banned him from driving all vehicles for one year.