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Bermuda Day Parade main viewing stand returns to The Flagpole on Front Street

Minister of Community and Cultural Development Wayne Scott

Community and Cultural Development Minister Wayne Scott confirmed yesterday that the main vantage point for the Bermuda Day Parade will be switched back to Front Street instead of Cedar Avenue.While noting that the parade will still finish up at City Hall as opposed to Bernard Park, the Minister said the main viewing station will be set up at the flagpole “where it has historically been on Front Street”.The route was switched by the previous administration that saw the main viewing station moved to Cedar Avenue near the Leopard’s Club.Said Mr Scott: “That will not be the case this year. There was a change in the parade route a few years ago that had the parade ending at City Hall as opposed to Bernard Park and for safety reasons that will continue.“But I can say for the record that the viewing station will be set up at the flagpole where it has historically been on Front Street. It was a lot more costly to modify that route from Front Street to Cedar Avenue.“And Front Street is a much larger place for Bermudians to sit out there and see the parade in comfort as opposed to the smaller and more cramped conditions on Cedar Avenue; so for me it’s a no brainer.”The Minister held a press conference yesterday to announce that the them for Heritage Month this year is “The Colours, Sights and Sounds of Bermuda”.“Programmes have been organised that draw attention to the diversity and contributions of our people; the natural beauty of our island home; the distinctiveness of our architecture; and the variety of music enjoyed by our people — music that has been influenced by our connections with our Caribbean, British, West African and Azorean ancestors,” said Mr Scott.The events kick off on April 26 featuring the works of Bermudian artists in an exhibition at the Bermuda Society of Arts Gallery at City Hall that will run through to May 15.Local entertainers will also perform at the gallery on May 3 in a free concert at 5pm by saxophonist Wendell (Shine) Hayward, the St James Church Drama Group and steel pan player James Martinez.On May 5 the streets of the town of St George’s will be in full bloom with displays and events organised by the Events Committee of St George’s.Other events include a “smorgasbord of entertainment” on Sunday, May 19 in the “Keep” of the National Museum of Bermuda in Dockyard at 3pm.The concert begins at 3pm and it all culminates with the Bermuda Day Parade on May 24.The Minister concluded: “Throughout Heritage Month, as we celebrate our natural beauty, the sounds unique to Bermuda and the beautiful, breathtaking colours of our environment. As we celebrate our collective heritage and traditions let us be mindful of this beauty and commit to demonstrating it throughout the year.”