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Advice for cell phone buyers

The Regulatory Authority have said they “note with satisfaction that various deals are being launched on the Bermudian market and all this helps to increase competition.” However, the RA give the following advice to prospective buyers:

• Compare plan prices - determine how you will use your phone; whether you use more data or make more calls.

• Know your contract inside and out - Find out what the cancellation policy is for terminating your contract and how much it will cost you.

• Read the fine print - some deals may just be for posted paid customers and is dependent on you signing a contract.

• Understand the terms and conditions - customers already in contracts may have to be extended to get a special deal.

• Review the “Upgrade” in detail - conditions on upgrading may be posted on the carrier’s website and may not be explained to you during your purchase.

• Be aware of extras fees - activation fees, late fees or billing fees.

• Consider purchasing insurance if you are prone to losing or dropping your phone or if your phone gets stolen.

• Get only what you need - Don’t be pressured into purchasing more services if you don’t need them.

• Know how you are being billed - Find out the date when statements come out and payments are due.

• You have rights and responsibilities - be aware of them and use them.

• If you are unsure of anything Ask Questions! - Customer service agents are there to explain everything thing in detail.

The Regulatory Authority stated their role is to protect the customer from unfair practices of service providers.

“Customers who have been aggrieved and have already complained to a carrier’s customer service can escalate a complaint to the RA. To make a complaint, simply go on the RA’s website at www.rab.bm and click on the Make A Complaint button. Procedures of how a complaint is processed and Frequently Asked Questions are there to help consumers resolve their problems with carriers.”

Contact information: telephone 405-6000 or e-mail info@rab.bm.