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Premier endorses showcase of young artists’ work at AIG

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Art opening: Premier Michael Dunkley with artists and guests at the new exhibition in the AIG lobby. Pictured from left are Molly Godet (representing her son, Charles Godet Thomas), Nahshon Hollis, Sarai Hines, AIG Bermuda president Anthony Philip, BAC Chair Tona Symonds, Premier Dunkley, Acting Governor Ginny Ferson, Shanna Hollis, Dr Edwin Smith and Deondre Cumberbatch

A new exhibition featuring the work of six Bermuda Arts Council scholarship and grant winners has opened in the offices of insurance giant AIG.

Premier Michael Dunkley opened the show, which features the works of Nahshon Hollis, Charles Godet Thomas, Sarai Hinds, Rheas Gibbons, Deondre Cumberbatch and Shanna Hollis, at a ceremony in AIG’s lobby.

The company offered use of the space to support and promote the artists after discussions between its charity committee and the council.

“I commend AIG for creating this wonderful exhibit space for the artists to showcase their work,” Mr Dunkley said. “It is always a pleasure to see corporate and community partnership at work to help support the arts in Bermuda.

“Just like AIG, this Government believes that our young people need and deserve our support in whatever career dreams and aspirations they have. And with this space being provided, it will undoubtedly give these artists the boost they need to promote their work.

“I’d also like to congratulate the Bermuda Arts Council and their chair, Ms Tona Symonds, for securing this opportunity for their student scholarship recipients. This is just another great initiative to further encourage and support these artists.”

Ms Symonds said the council was pleased to go into partnership with AIG in order to create a “wonderful” venue.

“On behalf of the Bermuda Arts Council I would like to congratulate the young artist and wish them well in their future endeavours,” she added.

AIG Bermuda President & CEO Anthony Philip said: “I met the students prior to the exhibit and was thoroughly impressed by their vision and focus. They know where they are going and where they want to be.”

He added: “If this is the pool from which Bermuda is drawing its arts resources, then Bermuda’s future in the arts is secure.”

Viewing: Premier Michael Dunkley reviewing the artwork of BAC artist Nahshon Hollis