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New Education Minister to be named soon

Dr Grant Gibbons

A new Minister of Education will be appointed in the coming weeks, Premier Michael Dunkley has revealed.

Dr Grant Gibbons will be relieved of the portfolio so that he can focus on preparations for the America’s Cup in 2017 as well as his role as Economic Development Minister.

“The Ministry of Education remains a priority for this Government,” Mr Dunkley said. “As we went through the bid process in the America’s Cup, it was evident that if we were successful it would demand a huge amount of work to be done; not just in the public sector, but the private sector, too.

“It is important we get it right, as the eyes of the world will be on Bermuda. But we also need to drive education forward, which is why one individual will be responsible for the ministry in the new year.”

When the One Bermuda Alliance came to power in December 2012, Senator Nalton Brangman was appointed Education Minister. But in December 2013, Dr Gibbons assumed that responsibility together with that of economic development as part of a Cabinet reshuffle announced by Craig Cannonier, the former Premier.

The announcement of the new Education Minister is expected to be made in the coming weeks, although Mr Dunkley confirmed that a final decision had not yet been made.

Mr Dunkley told The Royal Gazette that Dr Gibbons supported the decision to break up the two ministries.

“He probably has mixed emotions about it,” Mr Dunkley said.

“He has a passion for education and has made tremendous progress.

“But you can only do so much and this is the best move we can make

“I have full confidence in Dr Gibbons continuing to do an excellent job with the America’s Cup and Economic Development and I will have full confidence in his replacement as Education Minister.”