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America’s Cup jobs ‘hidden away’, says PLP

A rendering of the proposal for part of the America’s Cup Venue

Six new job opportunities have been advertised by the America’s Cup Event Authority in the build-up to the 2017 sporting spectacle.

The positions, which include graphic designer, event manager, community outreach manager, receptionist, client services manager and video editor, appeared on the ACEA’s site yesterday.

The ACEA’s website states that it will be hiring a “wide variety of positions” in the run up to the biggest event in the sailing calender that will take place in the Great Sound in 2017,

Yesterday, Jamahl Simmons, acting Shadow Tourism Minister, said the One Bermuda Alliance had missed a “golden opportunity” to ensure Bermudians had an opportunity to compete for the first wave of jobs relating to the America’s Cup.

The Progressive Labour Party Member of Parliament said: “Unfortunately, these jobs were hidden away on the America’s Cup website and not yet advertised in Bermuda.

“This begs the question, if the job adverts were not placed in the local media and were not even placed on the Government’s free Bermuda Jobs Board, who was supposed to see that these jobs were available?

“How is this supposed to benefit qualified, capable Bermudians who could have missed the opportunity to compete for these jobs? How would those unemployed Bermudians with skillsets applicable to these jobs know that they were available?”

He called on the OBA to “immediately” place the job advertisements on the Bermuda Jobs Board.

Mr Simmons also said that the OBA needs to ensure that all Bermuda-based jobs related to the America’s Cup be “fully publicised.”

“The Progressive Labour Party believes that the America’s Cup has the potential for all of us to benefit if it is managed locally in a fair, open and transparent manner.

“With $77 million in tax dollars pledged to the America’s Cup, every aspect must be handled with complete transparency.

“With job losses mounting and many Bermudians seeking employment it is critical that all opportunities surrounding this major event be well publicised and every effort made to include Bermudians.”

To find out more about the positions visit www.americascup.com