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PLP stage second public meeting on LF Wade

David Burt, Shadow Minister for Finance, will be one of the key speakers at the PLP's town hall meeting at Purvis Primary School on Tuesday (File photo by Akil Simmons)

The Progressive Labour Party will be hosting a second public meeting on Tuesday to discuss the Bermuda Government’s privatisation of the LF Wade International Airport.

“With $1 billion of future Bermuda revenue at stake, a no-bid contract to a Canadian company, and the loss of control of our current and new airport for at least 30 years through privatisation, this is an issue of national importance,” said David Burt, the Shadow Minister for Finance. “Since our last town hall meeting, we have learned that the OBA have delayed the go/no-go date for a final decision on the airport to March 31, 2015. We have also learned that airport staff have been informed that the OBA cannot ensure that all employees will be hired by the new private airport contractor.”

Lawrence Scott, the Shadow Minister for Transport, said: “LF Wade International is staffed nearly 100 per cent by Bermudians, provides a major source of revenue to the Government and is our primary access point to the world. We simply cannot permit it to be privatised for at least 30 years in what appears to be a backroom deal with no RFP that will jeopardise Bermudian jobs.”

The meeting will be held at Purvis Primary School starting at 7pm, with Mr Burt and Mr Scott among the speakers.

The Opposition concluded in its statement: “All are welcome to hear the PLP’s alternative vision for the future of the LF Wade International Airport, which will preserve Bermudian jobs and keep Bermuda’s airport in Bermuda’s hands.”