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Boat sinks near Cavello Bay

Sunk: An abandoned single-mast sailboat that was submerged alongside the Cavello Bay ferry stop, Sandys. Another boat sank in the area last week but has been pulled out

A 60-foot cabin cruiser sank in heavy seas near Cavello Bay, the Department of Marine and Ports Services has announced.

An off-duty Police sergeant reported the sunken vessel on Sunday morning.

Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre contacted the registered owner, who secured a marine contractor to remove it from the water, and it was lifted by crane barge the next day. Maritime Operations issued a local navigational warning to draw the attention of mariners to the sunken boat, a hazard to traffic in the area.

Marine and Ports said the cabin cruiser’s drainage system had been overwhelmed by backwash from the shore during the recent heavy weather, causing it to sink.