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Vote of no confidence at college

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Staff at the Bermuda College have issued a “vote of no confidence” against sitting College president Duranda Greene according to a statement issued yesterday.

The statement by the Bermuda College Faculty Association — which includes professors, lecturers and faculty tutors at the school — stated that members recently took part in a secret ballot.

“An overwhelming majority of the membership approved the vote with 93.75 per cent of those voting in favour of the no confidence vote,” the statement said.

“The reasons supporting the decision include, but are not limited to, lack of leadership, diversion of resources away from the mission of the institution, a sense of entitlement of the president, lack of awareness of the realities of the classroom, failure to engage in meaningful communication, and failure to take responsibility for the dismal institutional climate.

“These results quantify faculty’s grave concern regarding the leadership of the current president to meet the mission of the College.

“This is the first time in the history of the college that the faculty has undertaken such a vote of no confidence in a sitting president.

“The faculty hope that the results of the vote will send a clear message to the Board of Governors and the Ministry of Education that dialogue is required in order to ensure that the mission of Bermuda College is fulfilled.”

A spokeswoman for the college said that Dr Greene, along with the Chair of the Bermuda College Board of Governors Jill Husbands, have been made aware of the concerns, but were surprised by the grievances.

Dr Greene said she had met with the Faculty Association Executive as recently as April 28, along with every faculty member throughout the week, but there were no mentions of the complaints listed in the statement.

Meanwhile Ms Husbands said: “Dr Greene has always put the interests of the college first.”

The spokeswoman said the college remains committed to its core values — including a commitment to all employees.

“In that regard, opportunities for full and frank dialogue will continue to be sought to address the stated grievances with those disaffected,” the spokeswoman said. “However, the core mission of Bermuda College is and always will be its students, who have just recently finished writing final exams, with the college now focused on preparing for its Commencement exercises next Thursday.

“The college commends faculty for having correctly prioritised our students and their success, despite their disenchantment.

“The Board of Governors, which includes a Faculty Association representative, is fully committed to ensuring that the college fulfills its mission and assures the parties concerned that every effort will be made to effect a resolution.”

The Ministry of Education was contacted regarding the issue yesterday afternoon, but no official comment had been made as of press time last night.

Dr Greene took over the post of president in 2007 after teaching at the institution as a lecturer for more than 20 years and serving as the Dean of the Faculty of Hotel and Business Administration. She is also the first female president of the school.

Duranda Greene