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SPCA breaks ground on stable facility

The SPCA held a press conference at the new location for their upcoming facility which will be designed for larger animals on the island. Pictured here is the Minister of Health, Jeanne Atherden, who talked about the relevance and importance of the new facility to the Island. (Photo by Nicola Muirhead)

Ground has been broken for a new stable facility that has been designed to better the lives of the Island’s larger vulnerable animals.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) are building the new facility as part of their commitment to improving the lives of abandoned and abused animals.

“As an open admission shelter, the SPCA seeks to assist any animal in need, but not having a physical facility on site to care for larger animals has been challenging and expensive for our charity,” SPCA past president and project chair Allison Williams said. “This purpose built stable will enable our staff to provide hands on care in the most cost efficient and safe environment.”

Located on the site of the existing shelter on Valley Road, Paget, the Stempel Stables will provide the SPCA with the ability to affordably care for livestock under the shelter’s care.

The expansion of services is slated to being in the fall of 2015 and the new facility will include three stables and a tack room.

According to an SPCA statement, the stables will increase their capacity to rescue and rehabilitate larger animals with the goal of returning the animal to improved living conditions or adopting the animal to a forever home.