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Google Maps Trekker on Island

Google Street View Trekker Hope Garza carrying Google photo sphere cameras makes her way along Front Street. The images captured will go on Google Maps with Street View which photographs locations around the world through 360-degree, panoramic, and street-level imagery(Photo David Skinner )

A consultant from Google is on the Island collecting images for Google Maps using the state-of-the-art Street View Trekker equipment.

Hope Garza was spotted walking around the Island this week with a large helmet camera taking panoramic, 360 degree images at street level that will be available online around the world.

Viewers will be able to take a virtual tour of the Island through the technology, although it is uncertain how long it will take before it is live.

A Google spokeswoman said: “We’re excited about collecting imagery of these special places in Bermuda in partnership with Google Maps. Our consultant will be trekking around Bermuda with her camera equipment, hiking around these unique and amazing locations, and these images will be featured in future panoramic images that people around the world can see and enjoy on Street View in Google Maps.”

A spokeswoman for the Corporation of Hamilton, which Google contacted for permission ahead of Garza’s visit, said: “With this technology there will now be an enhanced way for visitors from around the world to connect with and view these special places that Bermuda has to offer in a way they may never have before. In fact, we expect many people may never get to explore this place in person, so we are thrilled for another forum for the world to enjoy the beauty of Bermuda.

“As you can imagine, the exposure on Google Maps is huge with the potential for reaching millions of people using the service each day.

“The Street View Trekker will give consumers unprecedented virtual access to this place like never before through high resolution still images added to the popular Google Maps platform.”