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House: CCTV system ‘substantially completed’

The Island’s new security camera network that will be made up of 150 cameras at 84 locations is “substantially completed”, according to Premier Michael Dunkley.

He told the House of Assembly on Friday that the network, which includes 19 licence-recognition cameras, costs $111,165 to run a month.

He said that 147 cameras have been put in 81 locations.

“Installation work at the remaining three locations is ongoing,” Mr Dunkley said. “This expansion project has not been without its delays.

“However, the Bermuda Police Service and the Ministry of National Security have worked with Belco, the Corporation of Hamilton, the Department of Planning, and private landowners to establish a network which now forms a significant asset in the fight against crime.” A five-year contract was agreed with BAS Serco in July 2013, after which the Island-wide CCTV network will be given over to Government.

Mr Dunkley said: “The platform and technology is sufficiently robust that we expect this asset to remain viable. It is designed to permit add-ons as necessary and the contract includes maintenance of the system.

“In addition to the contracted monitoring service that is provided, the police 911 operators have remote access to the network, which will significantly enhance the intelligence around an incident to which they are required to dispatch emergency services.”

During the questioning of Mr Dunkley’s statement, Opposition Leader Marc Bean told the House that CCTV cameras on Court Street had been out of commission for the past two years, as revealed in a witness statement given in court by a manager of CCTV for the Bermuda Police Service.

Mr Dunkley responded that “the former Government should be well aware that the camera system in 2012 was having serious challenges”.

• For the full ministerial statement, click on the PDF link under “Related Media”.