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Public urged to conserve water

The Ministry of Public Works has advised the public to conserve as much water as possible to reduce the impact of low rainfall.

“This will also ensure that the limited water can be distributed fairly across the Island and provided to those most in need,” a statement said.

According to Bermuda Weather Service meteorologist Jeff Torgerson, the Island is in a “dry spell” and needs rain to prevent an “extended dry spell” — although there is an increasing chance of rainfall over the next five days.

Mr Torgerson said the 24.2 inches of rainfall recorded this year is 3.8 inches below the normal 28.0 inches.

While the deficit is not unusual, he added that since the end of May “our past 90-day rainfall index as compared to the 30- to 40-year climatological normal has fallen from 80 per cent to 61 per cent”.

This is categorised as a “dry spell” that will turn into an “extended dry spell” if it falls below 60 per cent.

However, Mr Torgerson said there is an “increasingly high probability of significant rainfall” of up to one inch or more during the next five days because of a temporarily displaced Bermuda-Azores high.

But he added: “The longer range outlook shows a re-strengthening of high pressure from our east, which would tend to place us back in a drier period.

“As the tropical season wears on into September and October, Bermuda stands the best chance of receiving increased rainfall from passing tropical cyclones, and occasional substantial convective shower and thunderstorm development.” Earlier this week, the Bermuda Water Truckers Association warned residents that they could find themselves with empty tanks if a shortage in water supplies is not dealt with soon.

Vice president Russ Ford told The Royal Gazette that a shortage of rainfall and customers panic-buying water, along with closed and poorly maintained water truck outlets, is impacting supplies.

However, a government spokeswoman insisted that “this is not the result of any maintenance issues — it is the result of dry weather conditions and heavy demand”.

Raphael Simons, of Triton Water Services, yesterday said the amount of truck loads distributed is not unusual for this time of year, but he added that nothing had changed in terms of supply and that “the demand is certainly still there”.

Mr Simons added that supply been a problem for years and that the infrastructure has not been altered to keep up with demand.

In a statement yesterday, the Ministry of Public Works recommended the following water conservation measures:

• do not order more water than is necessary;

• carefully control the flow of piped water into your tank to avoid overfilling;

• check and quickly repair leaking faucets, toilets, and water appliances;

• minimise the number of times you flush the toilet;

• use well water for toilet flushing;

• take quick showers, not full baths;

• use a basin of water at a time instead of letting a tap run for brushing teeth and shaving;

• do not let water overflow or run after use;

• minimise use of washing machines and dishwashers;

• wash full laundry loads or set the washer to appropriate load size;

• do not wash cars;

• reduce the watering of lawns and outdoor plants.

• For more information contact the Water Section of the Ministry of Works and Engineering at 278-0570.