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Customs: no more yellow forms

The yellow forms used to bring possessions through Customs have been discarded from use, with the agency citing frustration caused by the practice.

Local travellers will no longer be required by Customs to register items of value with a yellow form, known as the Form 52a. It was set up as a means of giving evidence of entitlement upon reimportation of items to the Island but has been branded inefficient by the Collector of Customs.

The practice was reviewed against a background of “significantly reduced staffing levels”. “Travellers who have already been issued with Form 52as for their goods may continue to present them to Customs on arrival in Bermuda,” a statement read.

“For the avoidance of doubt, goods being re-exported for the purposes of repairs, alterations, or for the purposes of duty refund or drawback, should still be examined by Customs Officers and registered with the Customs Department on the long form (white) Form 52.”