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Senate: Four penalised by Immigration

Michael Fahy, Minister of Home Affairs

Immigration authorities have issued $30,000 in fines for work permit violations, and 41 further cases covering a plethora of job categories remain under investigation.

Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy also gave details in the Senate about the nature of the offences, pursued under the regime in place since April 1, 2014.

Chopsticks restaurant was fined $5,000, along with $5,000 for employee Imelda Mon. Her work permit remains in place, with a further decision to be made once it concludes.

Pedro Arruda, a former employee of Hasco Construction, was fined $5,000 and $10,000 for two violations.

Sen Fahy said Mr Arruda had been working for himself, and in a separate matter had been employed by David King Sr, an independent contractor at Manor House, who was also fined $5,000.

Parties hit with civil penalties get up to 21 days to appeal to the Supreme Court. They also have recourse to a payment plan, which Sen Fahy said they were abiding by.

The 41 additional cases being dealt with by the Compliance Section encompass a minimum of 82 people: an employer and at least one employee.

The Chief Immigration Officer has issued notices in six cases. Thirteen are under managerial review; 17 are under investigation, and five are to be assigned.

Parties will not be identified until after a penalty has been issued — but the minister listed off a wide variety of positions subject to investigation.

They include chef, construction worker, mason, fitness instructor, automotive mechanic, panel beater, manager, administrator, refrigeration technician, domestic worker, waiter and waitress, hairstylist, landscaper, health and safety coordinator, accountant, boat maintenance, cleaner, butcher, architect, nanny, financial controller and landlord and tenancy.

Sen Fahy said he was “imploring employers and work permit holders to play by the rules”.