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Bermudian’s book on historical containers

Bermudian marine archaeologist Chris Addams has co-written a book documenting wartime medical glass and pottery with a section dedicated to Bermuda.

Glass and Pottery Containers of the Royal Navy and British Military documents the seldom studied historical and archaeological finds dating from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

It includes containers found on the excavation of the Dromedary — a prison ship that arrived in Bermuda in 1826 carrying 200 convicts employed to construct a new dockyard.

Naval historian and archaeologist Michael Davis partnered Mr Addams in 1982 on the excavations of the site. They uncovered the ship which had been moored near the same spot off Dockyard for 37 years.

According to co-author Tom Bown, after seeing the artefacts recovered from the ship, surgeon Commodore Nicholas E Baldock was able to search and find some of the original documents that helped piece together previously unknown number and letter codes on the items.

The introduction reads: “As future excavations of marine deposits such as those under the prison hulk Dromedary in Bermuda, other British naval wreck sites, or military establishments on land are explored, more examples, hopefully with more precise dates, will be found.”

The book is available in local bookstores soon.