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Police warn violence will not be tolerated

Ralph Richardson, chairman of the Water Safety Council; Neil Paynter, president of St George's Cricket Club; James Howard, Bermuda Police Service Superintendent; Anthony Santucci, executive director of CADA; Carlton Crockwell, chairman of the Road Safety Council (Photograph by Rajan Simons)

Underage drinkers will be targeted in a CADA wristband initiative at Horseshoe Bay on the first day of Cup Match.

The safe drinking organisation will be handing out different coloured wristbands to identify those who are old enough to legally drink alcohol.

Speaking at a Bermuda Police Service press conference at St George’s Cricket Club yesterday, Anthony Santucci, executive director of CADA, said: “This year, CADA and its prevention partners will spend the first year of Cup Match at the Horseshoe Beach.

“We will be providing wristbands to individuals to identify that they are able to drink.

“We will also be providing them for parents to give them to children who are underage so that we can tell the difference between those that consume the alcohol that are underage and those who consume the alcohol that are legitimate.

“Our focus during this Cup Match holiday weekend is a simple message: ABCD. Always, Bus, Cab or Designated Driver — 75 per cent of all road fatalities in Bermuda since 2009 have had the addition of alcohol and/or drugs.”

Also at the press conference, Police urged members of the public to restrain from antisocial behaviour and crime over the Cup Match holiday. Security measures in place at the Wellington Oval will include CCTV and metal detectors at the entrances.

Police Superintendent James Howard warned that violence and impaired driving would not be tolerated.

Supt Howard said people should “reflect, remember and celebrate who we are as a community”.

“There are a number of events taking place over this four-day holiday, so as usual there will be high visible patrols by the police,” he said.

“There are two intents for this: the first is to discourage those members of our community that might seek to disrupt our holiday with acts of antisocial behaviour and criminality.

“The second and just as important is to continue to apply the objectives of our road safety strategy which include reducing road traffic collisions in all areas from damage-only to injury to fatalities, combating antisocial road use and reducing incidents of impaired driving.

“We will continue to use CCTV throughout the Island proactively. There will also be extra CCTV set up by a private contractor at the St George’s Cricket Club which will be monitored by both security and the Bermuda Police.

“I would also like to remind the public that there will be some road closures and parking restrictions in the St George’s area. We will do our best to keep this to a minimum.”

Police also stressed the importance of marine safety, with the help of Ralph Richardson, chairman of the Water Safety Council — stating that there will be an increase in law enforcement visibility on the water, with the help of the Bermuda Reserve Police and the Bermuda Regiment, to ensure that all restrictions made in the Department of Marine and Ports notice are followed.

“The Non-Mariners event in Mangrove Bay in the past has resulted in several non-fatal accidents either through intoxication or propeller injuries — boaters and swimmers alike must take special care to avoid serious injuries or fatal consequences. Swimmers should attempt to remain in clusters and out of the path of boating traffic,” Mr Richardson said.

Neil Paynter, president of St George’s Cricket Club, said: “We are just encouraging everyone to come out to the game, have a relaxing time. There will be security at the grounds, we will have metal detectors coming through the gate so we encourage everyone to get here as early as possible. Gates will be open at 6.30am each day and we will have security throughout the day even when our ticket holders come off the gate we will have security until the time that we close them.

“So we just encourage everyone to come out, enjoy themselves and lets have a great two days of Cup Match.”