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Capsized vessel secured over Cup Match

The Cup Match holiday was comparatively quiet out on the water, although Bermuda Maritime Operations responded to several incidents.

A 15ft vessel was found capsized by Stag Rocks near Shelly Bay on Sunday, and later secured by its owner. The same day, the Andrea Christine made an urgent call for Marine Police to bring ashore a woman with a head injury.

A parent called in the early hours of Friday, concerned for their daughter after the boat she was on broke down. The daughter later responded after recharging her cellphone, prompting the service to remind the public that VHF radio is more reliable than cellphones while on the water.

Police were called to Clearwater Beach shortly after 3pm on Thursday after complaints about the improper presence of the PC Pond Dog II in the turtle preservation area.

The two persons aboard were said to have become “abusive” when spoken to.