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Flooded landlord keeping wet weather at bay

Holding back the tide: Palmetto Road landlord John Roach says the new retaining walls are keeping back rainwater (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

For landlord John Roach, whose property was inundated last year after a retaining wall collapsed on Palmetto Road, the heavy rains of the summer have brought some moments of disquiet.

“It’s been somewhat of a mind game with all the rain we’ve had these last two days,” the resident of Perimeter Lane, Pembroke, told The Royal Gazette.

A new wall was completed this summer, two years after rain caused the wall behind Mr Roach’s home to give way, and he said the repairs had withstood the wet weather well.

Even so, he admitted he had caught himself looking out of his window “to see what’s coming down” with the recent rumbles of thunder.

So far this month, 4.5 inches of rain has fallen — a quarter of it in the past week. Rainfall for the year is slightly above average. While the wall was out of commission, rains would bring water and sediment streaming down the hillside and into Mr Roach’s yard. A small amount of material still comes down the gullies in the slope.

“The problems in the road have been taken care of,” Mr Roach said, adding that his tenant, who had to move elsewhere while there was flooding, had moved back in.

“They’re not finished, from what I gather,” he said. “There are other little cosmetic touches that they need to take care of.”

A fence has been also added to deter dumping.

Mr Roach said he had remained in touch with the Ministry of Public Works to get flooding taken care of in the low-lying road outside.

“I have been on to the powers that be about it, as well as tidying up the bushes that are hanging in the road,” he said.