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Absentee ballots a possibility for students

The introduction of absentee ballots for students is still on the cards, according to Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy.

Speaking earlier this week, Sen Fahy said the ministry remains hard at work on reforming the Parliamentary Election Act.

“We have had some very good work ongoing with the ministry, and we continue to work towards absentee ballot initiatives for students,” he said.

“What I find always about politics is yes, we have made a number of promises that we will continue to fulfil, but that’s over a five-year period.

“Everyone has one thing they want to see done, and I remain keen to see the promise of absentee balloting fulfilled and we continue to work on that.”

Prior to the One Bermuda Alliance’s election in 2012, the party stated it would give absentee ballots to students living abroad, establish fixed-term elections and extend the advance poll for people who are travelling as part of electoral reforms.

A committee to look into such reforms was established in 2013.