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Dunkley discusses tax regime on CNBC

Michael Dunkley

Footage of Michael Dunkley’s appearance on CNBC Closing Bell has been released by the Bermuda Government.The show was recorded during the Premier’s visit to London last week, when he also conducted interviews with BBC Radio and BBC Business Live, and met with British Cabinet ministers including Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.According to Government, in each instance he discussed Bermuda’s solid reputation in financial services and provided clarity about Bermuda’s tax regime.[naviga:iframe src="http://player.cnbc.com/p/gZWlPC/cnbc_global?playertype=synd&byGuid=3000412523&size=530_298" width="530" height="298" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullScreen="true" bgcolor="#131313"][/naviga:iframe]