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Truck brings down utility pole

A residence, bus shelter and motor car were damaged this morning when a container truck brought down a utility pole in Hamilton Parish.

According to a police spokeswoman, at about 8.20am the truck was heading east on North Shore Road, near the junction with Radnor Road, when it “came into contact with some low hanging wires in the area, causing the utility pole to uproot and fall onto a nearby property.

“As a result of this incident there was some structural damage caused to a nearby residence and bus shelter, as well as damage caused to an unoccupied motor car, however, there were no reported injuries,” the spokeswoman said.

She added that there was some traffic disruption during the earlier parts of the day, but the roads have now been cleared.

“At last check Belco crews were still in the process of restoring power to the affected areas,” she said.