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Barnes inspires London artwork

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Johnny Barnes has proved an inspiration in Bermuda and beyond(File photograph by Glenn Tucker)

Johnny Barnes has proved an inspiration to a London artist who has covered the capital in “I love you” messages.

The artist, who has remained anonymous, has installed 18 screens showing the message with the help of the advertising company Ocean Outdoor.

They have been put on postboxes, roads and even Tube station signs throughout the city.

The “iloveyouiloveyou” project is inspired by the artist’s time in Bermuda and his memories of seeing Johnny Barnes as he drove to work.

In an interview with the London Evening Standard newspaper, the Londoner said: “It meant I got in to the office in a good mood. I missed that when I got back to London.

“Just that little share of emotion. We are surrounded by negative images and slogans through advertising all the time, so it is just nice to be happy for once.

“I hope it brings some cheer to Londoners.”

The artwork can be found on the website: www.iloveyouiloveyou.co.uk

A bench in London, showing the "I love you" artwork inspired by Johnny Barnes