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Scientist rushed back to Bermuda

A scientist suffering from extreme seasickness was rushed back to Bermuda on Sunday night so she could be treated at hospital.

The 30-year-old woman was on the research vessel Atlantic Explorer when she fell ill, forcing the ship to return to St George. The Atlantic Explorer berthed in St George just before 11pm and the crew member was taken by ambulance to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

An incident report statement revealed that the ship contacted Bermuda Radio at 5.30pm while 45 miles south east of Bermuda to make arrangements for the stricken sailor.

The report added: “Arrangements are made for the pilot boat to rendezvous with the vessel at the Sea Buoy where the pilot will board and bring her alongside in St George’s Harbour for a transfer of the patient to an awaiting ambulance.

“By 11pm the Atlantic Explorer is berthed in St Georges and a 30 year old Female is transferred to hospital via ambulance.”