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School fair set to be largest of its kind

International Schools Fair at the Fairmont Southampton (Photo by Mark Tatem)

Students from 95 schools will be at the International Schools Fair Bermuda at The Fairmont Southampton later this month.

The event on September 23 and 24 will be the largest of its kind ever to take place in Bermuda, and will feature schools from Britain, the United States and Canada.

Organisers say it should appeal to a huge number of local families who are interested in sending their children to school overseas.

Tory Dodge, founder of the fair and a consultant who has helped a large number of Bermuda students to find places at boarding schools in North America, has again teamed up with British educational consultant, Niall Browne.

Ms Dodge said in a statement: “Many Bermuda parents are very interested in exploring the opportunities of a boarding school education for their offspring.

“I used to hold separate events for different types of schools — so that the whole spectrum of school types was covered — but it makes much more sense to combine all these events into one comprehensive International Schools Fair.

“This means that all Bermuda families are able to attend one single event and have the opportunity to meet a large number of schools which may be perfect for their child.”

Mr Browne, who brought over a number of British schools for the first time two years ago, said: “Bermuda’s mid-Atlantic position means that Bermudian students have always looked at both Britain and North America for educational opportunities, so it is fitting that we have been able to bring fine schools from both together, allowing families to explore all the wonderful possibilities available to them.

“It is the perfect chance for students and their families to meet and talk to some absolutely superb schools, and learn about the fantastic academic, sporting and cultural opportunities which might be available.”

Niall Hamilton, senior admissions tutor at Marlborough College, in Wiltshire, stated: “Everyone has a different story to tell and we hope that some Bermudians will be able to benefit from the experience we offer.”

For more information, visit www.schoolstoknow.com or www.bvs-education.co.uk