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The moment armed robbers stole from store

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These pictures show the moment two robbers armed with a firearm stole cash from the MoneyShop in Warwick.

CCTV footage of last Friday’s incident reveals how the pair, clad in dark clothes and dark-tinted motorcycle helmets, entered The Hub shopping plaza, before apparently making a successful demand for money and then walking out of the building.

One staff member’s young child is said to have been in the store when the robbery happened at about 4.20pm.

Police released the video yesterday, as they called for the public’s help in catching the two offenders.

It comes as The Royal Gazette continues its campaign for an island-wide ban on dark-tinted helmets, and those that prevent identification, to become a priority for Bermuda’s legislators.

Gavin Kennedy, the owner of the building, yesterday backed our call. “I am 100 per cent behind it after going through what I went through,” Mr Kennedy said. “I’ve had people commenting to me saying what’s next. When you see the footage of them walking toward the door with these things on, and he’s reaching into his pocket obviously about to pull something out, it’s disturbing.

“Once you see them, you will agree — I think that picture would be a poster for the campaign.

“I think where people might be getting confused is it’s not about getting rid of the visors, it’s the tinting.

“It won’t stop crime but you can make it harder for them. If the police see someone driving by with tint on and it’s illegal, they can stop them. Yeah, they can wear a bandanna, but that’s going to be really obvious that they’re trying to hide themselves.”

Mr Kennedy said of the staff member who had a child in the store: “It’s terrible for a child. Children are a lot more vulnerable. Now this child doesn’t want her mother to go to work.”

The MoneyShop business is owned by Leila Wilson and family.

The video footage shows that, as well as dark helmets, both suspects were wearing long dark pants and a black shirt. One of the suspects is described as about 5ft 5in and had a black, white and red “Fresh and Hungry” scarf over his face, with a distinctive walk with his right foot sticking off to the right. The second was 5ft 10in and slimly built.

After leaving the Middle Road plaza, the suspects are said to have run in the direction of St Mary’s Road.

A Bermuda Police Service spokesman said: “Anyone with information on these matters is urged to come forward to assist in bringing the offenders to justice.”

Members of the public that assist in bringing the suspects to justice may also qualify for a monetary reward. Call Detective Sergeant Kenton Trott at the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1484 or the anonymous Crime Stoppers line on 800-8477.