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Tributes to ‘absolute gem’ Foggo

Former police Inspector Eddie Foggo (Photo from Bermuda Ex-Police Association)

Retired police Inspector Eddie “Boxhead” Foggo, a larger-than-life St David’s figure described as a consummate officer, was laid to rest yesterday at the age of 75.

Popular in the force and experienced in a wide range of departments, from the Bermuda Police Boxing Section to the Police Motor Cycle Display Team, Insp Foggo died on September 13, leaving his wife Tricia and sons Bruce and Ian.

“An absolute gem,” recalled childhood friend Superintendent Gertrude Barker, who said Insp Foggo’s decision to join the force in 1961 had inspired her to follow him in 1966 — and had come to many as a surprise, given his love of pranks.

She said: “He would do his job at all costs, which is what I respected most about him. He was a great family man, always there for family, the service and his friends.

“Eddie was always someone you could go and ask for a hand. He made sure anything you did was correct and by the law.”

“Boxhead” was a nickname Insp Foggo acquired at childhood in typical St David’s fashion, she added.

Insp Foggo served for 28 years, retiring in 1989 after serving in the Eastern Division, Operations, Marine Section, Mobile Patrol, CID and in Central Uniform.

In his later years, he worked as a chauffeur for the United States Consul, and also helped out at the Bermuda Ex Police Association.