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Family-friendly science fair today

A Maker Faire, a family-friendly science fair dedicated to craft and technology enthusiasts and tinkerers, is open to all today at the Bermuda College’s Tech Hall.

The event is a local version of a popular gathering that started in the San Francisco Bay area in 2006.

It was inspired by physics and maths teacher Baljit Saini, who runs a robotics club for youngsters.

Imagine Bermuda, the community group dedicated to effecting positive change on the Island, is promoting the event in tandem with Bermuda College.

Contributions to the show can range from simple items to high-tech, as part of the ethos of the Maker Movement, now being championed in the United States with World Maker Week.

Any local Makers wishing to showcase their creations at Tech Hall should contact Mr Saini at bm@sainib.com.

The Faire runs from 1pm to 5pm and everyone is encouraged to come along.