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Jewellery maker transforms seaglass

Seaglass can be found on many Bermuda beaches (File photograph by Akil Simmons)

Bermuda seaglass is on sale in the United States after a visitor and jewellery maker carried 70lb of it home in suitcases.

According to an Erie Times-News report by Lisa Gensheimer, Becky Fox began selling seaglass jewellery six years ago through Becky’s Beach Glass Designs, using glass collected along the shore of Lake Erie.

Through a Facebook group, she met collectors from around the world, including in Bermuda, Greece and Puerto Rico.

An article, published on the news outlet’s website yesterday, stated she was invited to visit the Island in January after being contacted by a local collector who had previously sent her Bermuda seaglass.

When she got here, she found large piles of dull and barnacled rocks that turned out to be beautiful glass when cleaned off in her hotel room.

“It was like night and day,” she said. “You didn’t know what you had until you washed it all off.

“Not only is it plentiful, it is pristine. It is the caviar of sea glass.”

Among the discoveries were the remnants of Bermuda Codd bottles, a Patterson soda bottle, sea pottery and vaseline glass, which is known as uranium glass because it was coloured using uranium dioxide and glows under ultraviolet light.

The article continues: “When their weeklong adventure came to an end, the Foxes loaded 70lb of flawless sea glass into two extra suitcases — 3,000 pieces in all — gladly paying the airline an additional $80 to bring them home.”

The story highlights Bermuda’s best known spots for finding sea glass, while noting that it can be found on many of the Island’s beaches.