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Saltus student designs timetable app

Ethan Humphrey

It’s meant to be something that a senior student could just about attempt — but Ethan Humphrey, 13, has designed and is using an app that organises his school time.

It is proving so successful he is now looking at developing the next version: to help his teachers organise their time.

Saltus Grammar School student Ethan started making his app using the MIT app inventor last term and developed it into a student planner that is now available for fellow Saltus students to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

“I had this idea and then just went for it,” Ethan said in a press release. “It’s made my school life easier and I hope it does the same for other students at Saltus.”

He added: “It can show the timetable for two weeks, what homework is due and when. It can also be set to give reminders and completed work can be checked off as completed.”

His teacher, Tina Fountain, head of digital technologies and business enterprise, said that quite a few students were using the app, called Saltus Student, which Ethan is now also thinking of adapting for other schools in Bermuda.

She added: “For a 13-year-old it is a massive achievement. Students do not necessarily lack the skills to develop something like this, but they do not often have the ability to recognise the problem and then work their way through solving it.

“It is very unusual and it is normally something associated with students who are aged 18. It is the sort of project work that a Senior student might attempt.

“Ethan is now looking to develop it for teachers as their planner, which I think is a great idea.”