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Government donates to worthy causes

Giving back: Michael Dunkley, acting in his capacity as the Minister of National Security, presented cheques to five good causes this week as part of the Cash Back for Communities programme. The Premier is flanked on the left by Jeanne Atherden, the Minister of Health, Seniors and the Environment; and on the right by Patricia Gordon-Pamplin, the Minister of Community, Culture and Sport. Also pictured are Ianthia Wade, from the Matilda Smith Williams Seniors Residence; Deborah Saltus, the director of Lorraine Rest Home; Romeo Riddick, the vice-president of St George’s Cricket Club; Sarah Doughty, from Chain Reaction; and, representing Dare2Be, Deborah Blakeney, the executive director, and Juan Prado, the chairman (Photograph supplied)

Five good causes are sharing more than $68,000 as part of the Cash Back for Communities initiative.

The charities and organisations were chosen thanks to their “tremendous track records of success with their target populations”.

The money comes from funds seized as a result of disrupted criminal activity.

The recipients are the Lorraine Rest Home, which has been given $7,300; St George’s Cricket Club, $25,000; Chain Reaction, $10,950; Dare2B, $18,250; and the Matilda Smith Williams Seniors Residence, $7,300.

The funding was distributed by Michael Dunkley.

Describing the contributions the groups make, the Premier said: “Lorraine Rest Home is a vibrant facility providing quality care to our senior citizens.

“St George’s Cricket Club is the core of sporting and social life [in] the East End and, through its programmes, enriches young lives with a path to success.

“Chain Reaction is a programme focused on inspiring and equipping students and teachers to prevent bullying and violence, all while cultivating a culture of kindness in schools and local communities through profound and thought-provoking assemblies.

“Community Driven Development, now Dare2B, was established in 2013 with the aim of helping those without a job, or who are underemployed, to become self-sufficient.

“The programme’s vision is that in collaboration with the Bermuda Government and other local charities, people will be empowered to realise their economic potential through personal transformation, education, soft skills development, and to create opportunities for employment and financial independence.

“Matilda Smith Williams Seniors Residence has grown from humble origins to become a vital part of the senior care framework and continues to provide comfort to its residents, who deserve nothing less in their golden years.

“In each of these cases, these funds provided today will support the work of community-based organisations who are committed to positively impacting the lives of those they serve. Their strength is our strength and in helping them we help ourselves.”