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New honours programme for Berkeley

The Berkeley Institute.

The Berkeley Institute has announced the introduction of a new honours programmes to recognise the achievements of students.

Students who attain A* — C grades in iGCSE exams in at least five subjects will be awarded the Berkeley Institute Honours Certificate.

Meanwhile graduates that pass two advanced placement examinations or complete a minimum of 26 credits in the Bermuda College Dual Enrolment programme will receive a Berkeley Institute Advanced Honours Certificate.

“The introduction of the Berkeley Institute Honours and Advanced Honours Certificates will help to recognise the achievements of our students in a sustainable way and also distinguish them in the eyes of employers, scholarship committees and the high performing colleges and universities,” said Craig Bridgewater, chairman of the Berkeley Board of Governors.

“The opportunity to better position our students through the establishment of the new honours criteria was identified through strategic planning and consultation with key stakeholders.”

Principal Phyllis Curtis-Tweed added: “The establishment of the new honours system is commensurate with the increased opportunities for higher academic achievement that have been implemented at The Berkeley Institute.

“It provides our graduates with the opportunity to have certification that appropriately documents and celebrates their accomplishments.”