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Meet Skyler Baker, 2016’s firstborn

Bermuda's firstborn of 2016: Skyler Baker (Photo by Jonathan Bell)

Proud new parents Reginald Baker and Shikiyla Hendrickson could not be happier with the beginning of the new year.

Skyler Baker, their first child and the first baby of 2016, was born shortly before 6pm yesterday at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

His name, which means “protection”, also evokes the colour of bright skies: “It was one of those things on my mind — the bright, blue, vibrant sky,” his mother said.

“It gives a happy vibe. I wanted him to be a happy person.”

The boy, weighing in at 7lb 1.3oz, arrived exactly on schedule, and was resting easy this morning as relatives looked on.

For the full story, see The Royal Gazette on Monday.