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Young achiever: a career on the water

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World traveller: Denzel Todd

Denzel Todd spent much of his childhood on the water with his father, so when it came to choosing a profession his sights were firmly fixed on the ocean.

In 2012 he embarked on a career that has already taken him across the globe on cruise liners and container ships as well as several training establishments in Britain and the United States.Now, nearly four years after he joined the crew of the Bermuda Islander for a four-month placement to learn the ropes, he has joined the cruise giant Carnival UK and worked on board The Queen Mary 2.

“It has been a lot of work and I have probably only been back to Bermuda for around three weeks in the last three years, but it has been worth it,” said Mr Todd.

“I have experienced working on some really interesting ships including The Queen Mary 2 and I have seen a lot of the world.

“I have been to the Caribbean, Europe and the US, seen different cultures and built up my maritime experience to where I am today.

“To have a job with Carnival UK is something I am very proud of and I am looking forward to finishing the education side of my work next August to continue working on cruise ships.”

Mr Todd, 25, began his maritime studies at Prince Edward Island and is now in the final academic stage of a three-year programme at Warsash Nautical Institute in England.

He was sponsored in his academic pursuits by the Department of Work Force Development and also received a maritime scholarship from Concordia Maritime in 2015.

In the past two years he has worked on board the cruise liners The Ventura, The Queen Mary 2 and The Oceania in between study time at Warsash. He completes his studies next August when he will qualify as a third officer.

Mr Todd thanked those who have guided him throughout his journey so far, saying: “I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for Noel Cann of the National Training Board, helping me get sponsorship and being a mentor, along with Timothy Sousa who is a deputy principal at CedarBridge Academy.”

Looking forward, he added: “In the future my plans are to stay at sea and work my way up through the ranks. Eventually I may get involved in super yachts but at the moment I want to stay on the sea side of business rather than the land.”

Capturing the view: Denzel Todd on board The Queen Mary
Denzel Todd served on board The Queen Mary 2
Ready for work: Denzel Todd