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Reports of explosion in West End

The cause of an explosion that shook homes in the West End last night is still unknown.

Emergency services investigated a loud sound in the Watford Bridge and Mangrove Bay area just before 10pm but came up with no clues as to why it happened.

A report of a “strong smell of gas” near Morgan’s Point at about 10.30pm led to another search in that area.

A police spokesman said today the inquiry was being handled by the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service.

Fire service spokesman Sergeant Jamal Albuoy said shortly before midnight last night: “An investigation was conducted of the Morgan’s Point area; however, nothing was discovered and our appliance has returned back to the station.”

Police received numerous calls about the incident and the fire service said the loud sound — “resembling that of an explosion” — near the Watford Bridge area drew out residents in the surrounding neighbourhood.

“One caller reported hearing the loud sound and feeling the walls [of the] house shake,” said Sergeant Albuoy.

He added: “On our arrival to the vicinity, an investigation was conducted, but no smoke or fire was discovered.

“At 10.37pm a subsequent call to our dispatch reported a strong smell of gas around the Morgan’s Point area.” Another engine was dispatched but returned to the station after finding nothing untoward.

Police said affected areas appeared to include East Shore Road, Honeysuckle Lane, Beacon Hill Road and Mangrove Bay Road.