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Do’s and don’ts for Bermuda Day holiday

Spectators line the streets during the annual Bermuda Day parade

The problem of people throwing trash and defacing pavements during Bermuda Day festivities — the parade and Appleby Bermuda Half-Marathon Derby — is being addressed by the City of Hamilton.

And those who do not abide with the rules risk being reported to the police.

In the past, complaints have been made about those who use paint to mark their spots ahead of the May 24 events and fail to clean up when they leave. The City has now warned that such offences will not be tolerated.

“It is unfortunate that such notices are required but the City has noticed that attendees have become less responsible in their public behaviour and trash management over the years,” said a Corporation of Hamilton spokeswoman, who pointed to a list of “do’s and don’ts” and pleaded that spectators be responsible during the upcoming holiday.

The list of advisories and notices includes:

• Marking of pavements for camps must only be done using temporary and removable measures. This includes chalk or small pieces of tape with the family name written on it. Permanent markers, paint, string, chord, bedsheets or any other materials are not acceptable — they can create a safety hazard and are an illegal act of littering.

• Tents and other structures are not to be erected until Tuesday, May 24, from one minute past midnight.

• Members of the public in tents are reminded to take everything with them when cleaning up, including the tape from the pavement.

• City sanitation workers will provide bags as usual to each camp and remind the public to secure all trash in bags and tie it tightly to avoid spills. City works crews work tirelessly cleaning up after the day’s events and appreciate not being tasked with collecting litter that could have been placed in a trash bag.

• The City asks the public to properly respect City and private property. The City is aware of one popular area that will not be open this year as it was trashed by the public. Everyone is reminded to please be mindful and considerate of other people.

• Public restrooms are well serviced during busy public events such as this, with extra cleaners and supplies on hand.

• The public are reminded that delinquent behaviour, vandalism, etc, should be reported immediately to the police as usual.

“We appreciate the co-operation of the general public to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday event for all,” added the spokeswoman.