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UnBearable . . . not for this beast

Early riser: Warwick Academy's 'Bear" begins his charity marathon

Warwick Academy’s “Bear” made it from Somerset to St George’s and back on Saturday, completing his own unusual End-to-End triathlon.

And his efforts have raised almost $1,300 for charity.

Despite the torrential rain, and with a little help from his friends, the “Bear” — in a full coat of fur — ran, cycled and kayaked across the island.

Starting at 6.00am from Dockyard, he ran/walked past the school on the railway trail at about 9.00am and got to St George’s around noon.

Mounting the bike, the grisly pedalled back to the West End — a journey that took about three hours — before travelling to Riddell’s Bay from where he paddled to Albuoy’s Point in Hamilton to complete the marathon at 5.00pm.

Warwick Academy’s Jane Vickers said: “He got a lot of attention from tourists and locals alike . . .

“For eleven hours our bear went from one end of the island to the other, all to raise funds for the charities benefiting the End to End.

“He raised $1,280 as part of the school’s $3,210 total which placed Warwick Academy as the top school.

“The Bear was supported by numerous teachers all of whom either walked or rode with him.

“An unbelievable effort and no mean feat.”