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Premier appears on Bloomberg radio

Michael Dunkley interviewed at Elbow Beach (photograph provided)

Michael Dunkley recently highlighted the island during a live Bloomberg radio interview at Elbow Beach.

During the interview, which was conducted last Friday, the Premier discussed the island’s economic pillars of international business and tourism, along with tackling issues like the Panama Papers, beneficial ownership and Bermuda’s business practices.

Asked about the status of the island, he said: “We are proud that while we might be one of the most remote places in the world, we built a system that we believe is just, equitable, openly transparent and compliant, and we co-operate with all of our partners throughout the world to make sure that we stay in that position.

“I think as you have seen over the past weeks, months and years, while there has been things like the release of the Panama Papers with significant discussion about it, Bermuda’s reputation has held the line because when we built the industry, as we built international business through the years, 70, 80 years ago before anyone even thought about it, we created our registry of beneficial interests.

“We said right up front, if you are going to come to the island, you are going to do business in an appropriate way. We are not going to let you hide things away.”

The interview was a part of the syndicated radio programme Taking Stock, which features financial and economic analysts Kathleen Hays and Pimm Fox discussing news, earning reports and market updates.

The interview is also available for download online at the Bloomberg website.