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Police motorcyclist crashes into colleague

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In pursuit: an officer is seen running across the road on Court Street following a suspect, as a police bike rides down behind him

A Court Street chase last week ended up with a police motorcyclist hitting one of his fellow officers.And now the incident, captured on CCTV, has made its way on to social media.According to a Bermuda Police Service spokesman, the video clip showed officers chasing and detaining a man who was wanted in connection with an outstanding matter.“Fortunately, none of the officers were injured but the incident shows how quickly accidents can happen in the confusion of a spontaneous police operation,” the spokesman said. “The BPS has commenced an internal enquiry to determine how the CCTV footage was released without authorisation.”

Collision course: the officer in pursuit is struck by the police rider approaching from the rear
Knocked over: the officer falls to the ground but quickly picks himself up, seemingly unharmed