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CedarBridge students ‘brightest and best’

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Donnauri Robinson

CedarBridge Academy held their 2016 graduation ceremony at the Ruth Seaton James Auditorium on Wednesday with Temar Richards the guest speaker.

A CedarBridge Academy alumnus who graduated in 2006, Mr Richards challenged the graduates to think differently — referencing New York best-sellers and research from Johns Hopkins Hospital throughout his speech.

He said: “When was the last time that you heard voices in your head? When was the last time you had an original thought? Who you are is a direct reflection of your past thoughts and perspective. Crazy thing is you have the ability to be in full control of your thoughts.

“Thoughts influence attitudes perspective, opportunity, and health.”

Mr Richards encouraged graduates to spend more time thinking about what they want more of in life as “perspective leads to wisdom”.

They were reminded that they were on the mountain top now and that the purpose of being on the mountain top is to give them a glimpse of their next destination. In order to get to their next destination, they need to come off the mountain, get in the valley to do hard work to get to the next summit.

“Just a reminder, you are not in competition with each other,” he added. “You all are good at something; you are a team; you are Bermuda. You are here to help others in line with your strengths.”

CedarBridge principal Kalmar Richards highlighted many students for their outstanding performance in the arts, technical arts, drama, music, sports, tenacity and academic excellence.

She said: “Once again, we have another year group communicating quite clearly with their performance over the past four years that they are the best, brightest and greatest students who have passed through CedarBridge Academy.

“Greatness is about being the best! Many of you seated before me have earned academic honours with consistency, year after year. Many of you have earned IGCSEs with A* and A’s and B’s, even in cases when you have taken the two-year IGCSE programme in one year.

“Many of you will graduate with high achievement and honours and some with distinction, standing out as the best.”

This year’s CedarBridge Academy graduates have been accepted at multiple universities and colleges in Canada, the United States, England and as far as Australia. Some will also join the Up With People group.

Additionally, graduates have earned between three and eight IGCSEs, AS Level English certificates, Nursing Assistant Certificates, City & Guilds Employability Skills Certificates, NCCER Certificates, and college credits from the Dual Enrollment Programme at Bermuda College.

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