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Taking a walk on the wild side

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Warwick Railway trail

Neglect of Bermuda’s railway trail is causing concern to both residents and tourists ­— particularly walkers and mountain bikers.

Various stretches of the trail, which runs from Somerset and St George’s with gaps between, have been littered with broken branches and overgrown bushes and trees.

Discarded trash also continues to be an eyesore.

The Royal Gazette has received numerous calls from use who use the trail regularly, complaining about the deterioration.

Areas in Warwick, Smith’s and Hamilton Parish have been identified as among the worst.

“My wife and I walked the Warwick trail last week and it was insane,” said one 51-year-old resident. “I wouldn’t like to be a tourist that sees this.

“It’s just not nice when the cane grass is up to your elbows.”

The Bermuda Government made the trail accessible for walkers and cyclists some 40 years ago. It stretches 18 miles across the island.

“It’s awful,” complained one runner. “The trail itself is dangerous, especially around Ord Road. People with disabilities can hurt themselves.”

The trail has become enormously popular with runners who have been reluctant to run on the road with the increase in traffic in recent years.

In Warwick, rocks and strewn branches have become a problem and in Smith’s parish there have been complaints about the tall grass and weeds.

“A company came here a while ago that did a good job but I don’t know why they haven’t been back”, said another walker.

A senior who uses one section of the trail speculated that finance was the major reason for the neglect.

“Government has no money, is in debt and can’t afford to care for the railway trails,” he said.

“The Government can only do so much, they can’t do everything. I won’t complain too much about this, they’re doing the best they can.”

The Department of Parks has not responded to questions asked by this newspaper.

Warwick Railway trail