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Local woman injured in New Orleans

Zina Jacobs recovering in New Orleans after she was injured in a hit-and-run (Photograph supplied)

A Bermudian visitor to New Orleans has been reported as injured in an apparent hit-and-run early on Saturday, according to news sources in the city.

WWLTV reported that Zina Jacobs, visiting the city with her family on a seven-day cruise from Bermuda, had been knocked down and hurt while crossing a street.

Ms Jacobs, who disembarked to go sightseeing in New Orleans with her husband and others, was injured at about 2.30am.

“It’s just surreal to me right now that somebody would hit you and just keep on going,” she said of the incident, which took place in the city’s Warehouse District.

Half way across a junction, Ms Jacobs was struck by a white pick-up truck that turned into her path — and then drove away.

“I could hear my husband and my friends screaming and I was just trying to stay still and just keep them calm,” said Ms Jacobs.

The vehicle was caught on street surveillance camera as it knocked her over.

Ms Jacobs was left with a large gash to the forehead, injuries to her teeth, and bruising along the left side of her body.

Her cousin, Wendy Trott, was quoted as calling for the driver to come forward.

“All we’re asking is that please, just come out and say, ‘I made a mistake, I did something wrong’,” said Ms Trott.