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Logic promises better communication

Frank Amaral, CEO of KeyTech, the parent of Logic (File photogaph)

Telecoms firm Logic concedes it has “a lot of work ahead” to repair its relationship with disgruntled customers.

Frank Amaral, the CEO of KeyTech, the parent of Logic, acknowledged the impact of major disruptions to the service which has led to numerous complaints in the past few days.

Mr Amaral admitted his statement was “overdue”, and pledged to provide more updates on Logic’s attempts to put things right.

In a press release this morning, Logic said an internet outage was reported on Friday of last week, which impacted customers that evening and again the following morning.

That was fully reinstated within 20 hours, but a secondary outage then took place between Sunday morning and Monday evening.

On Sunday, e-mail services for @northrock.bm customers were then impacted with services partially restored by late evening on Monday. This has resulted in the current degraded service level of delayed e-mail transmissions and slow web mail access. Critical hardware failures were the cause for both service disruptions, said the statement.

The press release began: “As of this notice, Logic would like to advise customers subscribing to our e-mail services utilising the @northrock.bm address, that efforts are still under way to reinstate their services to full capacity.”

Mr Amaral stated: “Our team of engineers have been working around the clock to fully resolve the equipment failures.

“While we continue to solve the problem, we have a lot of work ahead of us to repair the relationship with our customers. We recognise this statement is overdue and will be providing more frequent updates.

“We understand the impact these outages have on all of our customers. The questions and comments have been heard and we aim to get our e-mail service back to full capability as soon as we can.”

Logic asked its @northrock.bm customers to avoid calling the call centre as updates will be provided through its Facebook page, Channel 100 for TV subscribers and the status.logic.bm webpage.