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Disappointment over marina progress

Quinell Francis

The first phase of the new St George’s marina is unlikely to be completed in time for next year’s America’s Cup.

Developers are still waiting for legislation to be passed by the House of Assembly that will cement the lease between St George’s Harbour Marine Ltd and the Corporation of St George’s.

Quinell Francis, the Mayor of St George, said it was “disappointing” that the initial stage of the project would not be finished in time for the international sailing spectacle next summer.

“The marina is progressing a little slower than we would have anticipated,” Ms Francis said.

“We are still waiting for the legislation to confirm the lease between the developers and the corporation to come before the House of Assembly.

“We expect that to happen in the next session and we have been assured that this will happen in November.

“Once we get that done we can move forward.

“It’s not going to be completed in April as we first imagined but it should follow soon after the America’s Cup late in 2017.

“It is disappointing that the marina will not be completed before the America’s Cup but we are working with the developers still to make sure we use all the dock space available for the event.”

The final agreement between developers, St George’s Harbour Marine Ltd and the Corporation of St George for a marina to be built in the harbour was signed at the end of last year.

In July of this year an amendment to the law that provides relief on customs duty for materials for a new marina was passed in the House of Assembly.

The Customs Tariff Amendment Act 1970 allows temporary relief for materials and goods needed for the structure and facilities of the St George’s Marina Development Project.

Ms Francis had previously stated that it was hoped that the first phase of work would be completed in time for the America’s Cup in 2017.

The first phase of the work will include a breakwater as well as the yacht berths. It will also include renovations and improvements to the old terminal building on Ordnance Island.